Lectures on the Collection 2020

A curator chooses one work from the museum’s collection and presents a lecture on it. The lecture begins at 2 p.m. on the days shown below in the auditorium on the second floor.  (No reservation required, free admission, duration 90 minutes)

First lecture

Tomisawa Uio “Elder Sister” (1928)

Feb. 21 (Sun.), 2021
* Date has been changed.

Title: Paintings by an Akutagawa Prize Writer
Artwork: Tomisawa Uio “Elder Sister” (1928)
Lecturer: Hozaki Hironori

Second lecture

Diego Rivera “Spanish Landscape, Toledo” (1913)

Aug. 16 (Sun.)
* cancelled

Title: What Rivera saw and brought about
Artwork: Diego Rivera “Spanish Landscape, Toledo” (1913)
Lecturer: Inokuchi Satoko

Third lecture

Shoji Satoru “Space by White Cloth ’68-6” (1968)

Oct. 18 (Sun.)
* cancelled

Title: Space expression by Shoji Satoru
Artwork: Shoji Satoru “Space by White Cloth ’68-6” (1968)
Lecturer: Morimoto Haruka






*If you need assistance to participate in lectures and events, please ask the museum staff at the time of registration for activities that require advance registration, and two weeks before an event that permits participation on the day of the event.