Thematic Exhibition (Permanent Collection Gallery 3)

Artists around Masayoshi NAKAMURA

Asa Mizuno “Mr. Masayoshi Nakamura and I” Around 1998

2017/10/7 – 2017/12/3

The painter Masayoshi Nakamura, a soldier of fortune in the postwar Japanese art scene, tackled challenge after challenge. His devotion to artistic revolution and passionate lifestyle and works attracted many people to gather around him. This exhibition features the works of four painters, Shingo Hoshino, Toshio Hirakawa, Asa Mizuno, and Sayako Kishimoto who loved Masayoshi and his works, along with Masayoshi’s own works.

Special Exhibition

The Second Dimension / The Third Dimension

Kisling “Still Life with Newspaper” 1913

2017/12/14 – 2018/2/18

Paintings are flat and two-dimensional, but for a long time, painters have been recreating the three-dimensional world in their works. Ever since the emergence of Picasso, the way artists capture the world has dramatically changed, and the line between the two- and three- dimensional worlds has become blurred. However, there is a huge difference between two-dimensional paintings and three-dimensional artworks, both of which are uniquely distinctive. This special exhibition seeks the correlation between paintings and three-dimensional works chosen from the museum’s collection.

Surrealism in Nagoya

Kenzo Majima “Journey” 1945

2018/3/3 – 2018/4/15

Nagoya City Art Museum acquired paintings of Kenzo Majima (born in 1916 and died in 1994 in Nagoya, the father of the contemporary artist Naoko Majima) in 2016, and paintings of Shigeaki Ikai (born in Nagoya in 1914 and died in Hamamatsu in 1992) in 2012. Those acquisitions created an opportunity for this special exhibition to feature works of local artists influenced by surrealism, such as Yoshio Shimozato and Noboru Kitawaki, from the museum’s collection.