Thematic Exhibition

In Search of the New Wood Carving Expression – Artists Awarded Hirakushi Denchu Prize


April 9 (Tues.) to June 30 (Sun.)

Japanese wood carving developed alongside Buddhist wood carving as a sign of faith, but the art form later fell into decline. However, it experienced a revival amidst a Meiji Era trend of reviving traditional art forms. Hirakushi Denchu was at the center of the revival of Japanese wood carving, and to honor his enormous achievements, the Hirakushi Denchu Prize was established during his lifetime in 1972. To date, 29 artists have been honored with this award, and in this exhibition, works from 5 of these 29 sculptors will be shown along with a work of Hirakushi’s

Hirakushi Denchu “Choin” 1953, collection of the Menard Art Museum

Aichi Triennale 2019 Learning Program

Program activities (from Aichi Triennale 2016)

August 1 (Thurs.) to October 14 (Mon., public holiday)

We established the concept of an Art Playground to stimulate the creativity of participants as part of the plan for Aichi Triennale 2019. This program aims to be an enjoyable place for those who are skillful and not so skillful at handicrafts, as well as children and adults alike. A space of creation where you can think with your hands and your mind, connected to expressing inspiration, opens at the Nagoya City Art Museum! We hope you will get excited about this total art experience, where you can express yourself and create art in addition to admiring other works of art.